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Recommended Reading

CODEPENDENT NO MORE: How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself.

Melodie Beattie

BEYOND CODEPENDENCY: And getting better all the time.

Melodie Beattie

THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO: Daily meditations for codependents.

Melodie Beattie

FACING CODEPENDENCE: What it is, where it comes from and how it sabotages our lives.

Pia Mellody

WOMEN, SEX AND LOVE ADDICTION: A search for love and power.

Charlotte Kasl

IF THE BUDDHA DATED: A handbook for finding love on a spiritual path.

Charlotte Kasl

THE POWER OF NOW: A guide to spiritual enlightenment.

Eckhart Tolle

THE PROPHET: Spiritual guidance.

Kahil Gibran

SIT A BIT: 5-Minute Meditations for every occasion.

Victor Parachin

THE HEART OF BUDDHA'S TEACHING: Transforming suffering into peace, joy and liberation.

Tich Nat Hahn

THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS: An introduction to the practice of meditation

Tich Nat Hahn

YOU ARE A BADASS: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.

Jen Sincero

THE DANCE OF ANGER: A woman's guide to changing the patterns of intimate relationships.

Harriet Lerner

THE DANCE OF INTIMACY: A woman's guide to courageous acts of change in key relationships.

Harriet Lerner

THE ASSERTIVENESS GUIDE FOR WOMEN: How to communicate your needs, set healthy boundaries and transform your relationships.

Julie De Azevedo Hanks

IN THE REALM OF HUNGRY GHOSTS: Close encounters with addiction.

Gabor Mate

THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE: Brain, mind and body in the healing of trauma.

Bessel Van Der Kolk