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Treatment Solutions For Sobriety

Sarah Nicholson, LMFT


I've been treating people with addiction and codependency issues for 12 years, in my private practice and in treatment facilities. As a recovering addict and codependent myself I have a deep appreciation for the recovery process. I use both my personal and clinical experience to bridge the gaps that the 12-step program is not designed to fix.  


Emotional Sobriety


Emotional sobriety means an ability to recognize, manage and express the full range of your emotions in a functional way. I owe my life to the 12-step program and yet I needed outside help to fully resolve my childhood wounds. I also needed specific tools for managing my underlying mental health issues of anxiety, depression, and grief. 


Sister Power


A group of women collaborating and supporting each other can be a powerful force. When I lead a group I role-model assertive and loving communication tools that group members are invited to practice. This honest, but loving feedback allows us to gain insight into our relationship issues and thus provides opportunities for change. Adding group therapy to your treatment plan always strengthens and accelerates your healing process.

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